Myths of the American Revolution


The American Revolution is mired with legends, myths and endless glorification. For our first wiki page assignment, let's deconstruct some of these myths based on the reading, "Myths of the American Revolution" from Smithsonian Magazine and post them on to our own wiki pages that you will create as a class.


1. You will each be assigned a myth to deconstruct. Read the portion of the reading that you have been assigned and OUTLINE the argument. In most cases, this will require you to put down several roman numerals.

2. Incorporate some outside research. I strongly recommend you use the DATABASES from the high school to put in some outside knowledge. This is also a good place to find images, primary sources and other historically "jazzy" pieces required to make this great.

3. Begin work on your page. I have created one for you but you need to title your page with your myth, and then write a THESIS statement deconstructing this myth. Although X, in fact Y... then put in what your groups feels is the central argument of your piece.

4. Next, add multimedia elements and images to your wiki page. Get creative with this! Find videos on You-Tube to embed, mine the Media Center databases for pictures, create a webspiration graphic organizer... the possibilities are endless. Check out some of my links at the bottom of the page.


  • Do not cut and paste large chunks of text and read to us. No one wants that.
  • Do not put in lengthy videos, (two or three minutes is enough)
  • YOU CANNOT SAVE AT THE SAME TIME! One group member may save at a time only. The best way to solve for this is to copy your work, (Control C), and then save in case it gets over-written.
  • Work as a group! Those that do not participate will not get a grade.


  • DATABASES Your absolute best resource! Gale Group and others are your best resource here. Passwords are available on the Media Center Main Page if you are working from home.

  • vocaroo Record your voice and embed it

  • Slide Share Upload your powerpoint presentations and embed them

Getting Tricky with Wikis